Our services are designed to drive and safeguard your cost and commercial interests from project start through to its completion and operation.



In Cost Consulting, we aim to:

  • Eliminate surprises before commencing any contract works on site
  • Establish robust project budgets and/or provide prudent cost management of agreed budgets
  • Ensure that the final account negotiation and settlement sum is within contract sum and /or agreed budget.
  • ​Safegaurd our clients’ cost and commercial interests and ensure that they are always protected from project inception through to completion and occupation.
  • ​​Tailor our services to suit your project stage and requirements.



Design Development Stage

We are experts at "Design to Cost" methodology.

​​Whether you have an approved budget or you want to determine what the budget should be before you commence contract negotiation or construction, we will provide you with detailed and accurate estimating and cost planning services so that you are better informed of your anticipated project expenditure, at all design stages through to completion of final designs.

​​​Our services during this stage are:

  • ​​Feasibility Studies
  • Master Plan Estimates
  • Schematic, Concept and Design Development Estimates
  • Detailed Trade Estimates
  • Estimating and Cost Planning
  • Design to Cost Management
  • Procurement Strategy and Selection
  • Contract Strategy and Selection
Procurement & Contract Stage

We are experienced in delivering projects using the following project delivery or procurement route:

  1. ​​Traditional Route
  2. Management Route
  3. Design & Build Route

​​We provide accurate and detailed tender documentation for our clients based on the selected procurement route, which essentially provides a reliable basis for all contractors to provide their tender price.

​​​​Our services during this stage include the following:

  • ​​​Secondment of Staff for clients' procurement activities
  • Contract Conditions Review and Advice
  • Builder’s Quantities Measurement for Building, Civils and M.E.P Services
  • Bill of Quantities Production for Building, Civils and M.E.P Services
  • Schedule of Works and Schedule of Rates Production
  • Tender and Contract Documentation
  • Pre-Tender Estimating
  • Tender Evaluation and Analysis Report
  • Contract Negotiations​
Construction & Delivery Stage

We know it is essential that the project costs are effectively managed throughout the construction & delivery stage of the project.

​Clients are concerned not only with the current costs but also want to know what their likely monthly payments will be over the contract period, and what is the probable final contract cost. This will help to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover financial liabilities.

​​Therefore, our main focus is to control costs within the approved budget, and provide accounting of every payment and expenditure made under the contract.

Our services during this stage includes:

  • ​​Secondment of Staff for clients' cost & commercial management activities
  • Project Cost Monitoring and Reporting
  • Progress Payment and Valuation of Works on Site
  • Contract Variation and Change Assessment
  • Claims Analysis and Valuation
  • Managing Disputes
  • Re-measurement of Contract Works for Final Accounts
  • Negotiations and Final Account Settlement
  • Project Closeout
Occupation Stage

During occupancy, you may want to maintain and protect the value of your built asset, we can help you to budget and forecast your anticipated expenditure over the life of your asset.

​Our services include the following:

  • ​Replacement Cost Assessment for Insurance Purposes
  • Hurricane and Fire Damage Estimates
  • Renovation & Alteration Estimates
  • Repair & Maintenance Estimates



Cash flow is essential to all construction projects.

Our Construction Loan Monitoring Service is directed at both lenders and borrowers of capital for the development of their construction and real estate assets.

​Williams Austin Advisors will ensure that our clients’ cost and commercial interests are always protected from project inception through to completion and occupation.


Pre-contract Phase
  • We will do due diligence to ensure that project documents (such as Contracts, Schedules, Bonds and Insurances) do exist and are administratively adequate.
  • We will review and verify that construction budgets are adequate and are properly allocated to the various project elements or divisions, so that cash flow forecasts are reasonable and realistic.
  • We will highlight all relevant issues that may potentially cause cost overruns and other factors that may have serious implications on the loan agreement.
Post Contract Phase

In order to eliminate the general risk of over payment of funds:

  • We complete progress draw review by making timely site inspections, with the view of accurately valuing the works completed to date including materials on/off site, and assess the anticipated cost to complete on your behalf.
  • We will verify the borrower payments against progress draw down funds
  • We will highlight all relevant issues that may potentially cause cost overruns and other factors that may have serious implications on the loan agreement.



During the construction phase, contractual difficulties may arise. These difficulties may begin as small problems and balloon into large disputes. Clients can avoid this pitfall by being proactive with early and quick resolution.

Our Contract Advisory Service is dedicated to assisting clients by providing timely and correct advice, thus ensuring that clients make the right decision at the right time resulting in time and money being saved. We will review contract documents and assist your legal team in disputes.


Pre-contract Phase
  • Advise on best contract strategy based on proposed procurement route and project objectives (i.e. making the right decisions at the right time)
  • Assist the Client's legal team to draft contract clauses that are appropriate for construction contract practice
  • Perform contract risk analysis based on express contract terms and implied terms based on obligations and responsibilities.
Post-contract Phase
  • Conduct contract administration and commercial management on behalf of clients.
  • Advise on the best approach for the resolution of disputed issues between contracting parties.
  • Provide impartial but professional opinion in a report on the strengths and weaknesses of each of the parties' contractual case.
  • Analyse the risks of various course of action open to clients, both financial and non-financial.
  • Prepare, negotiate and settle contractual claims.
  • Facilitate discussions to enable the parties to agree an
    acceptable settlement.