During the construction phase, contractual difficulties may arise. These difficulties may begin as small problems and balloon into large disputes. Clients can avoid this pitfall by being proactive with early and quick resolution.

Our Contract Advisory Service is dedicated to assisting clients by providing timely and correct advice, thus ensuring that clients make the right decision at the right time resulting in time and money being saved. We will review contract documents and assist your legal team in disputes.


Pre-contract Phase
  • Advise on best contract strategy based on proposed procurement route and project objectives (i.e. making the right decisions at the right time)
  • Assist the Client's legal team to draft contract clauses that are appropriate for construction contract practice
  • Perform contract risk analysis based on express contract terms and implied terms based on obligations and responsibilities.
Post-contract Phase
  • Conduct contract administration and commercial management on behalf of clients.
  • Advise on the best approach for the resolution of disputed issues between contracting parties.
  • Provide impartial but professional opinion in a report on the strengths and weaknesses of each of the parties' contractual case.
  • Analyse the risks of various course of action open to clients, both financial and non-financial.
  • Prepare, negotiate and settle contractual claims.
  • Facilitate discussions to enable the parties to agree an
    acceptable settlement.